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Digital Membership Card

Issue Digital Membership Cards Immediately

Avoid Printing and Processing associated costs

Less Waiting, More Environmentally Friendly

Personalized Store Cards

Intuitive Store Cards

Intuitive store card layouts to entice your customers

Engaging Rewards Catalogue

Create Unlimited Rewards

Upload personalized Rewards images through our Admin CRM Web to crop / pinch / zoom / move your Reward images to perfection

Create Rewards In 2 Minutes

Upload an Image, Set a Name, and we do the rest

Create Rewards from the Merchant Console in Simple Steps

Publish Rewards on App immediately

Digital Vouchers

Never lose track of Vouchers

With all vouchers in App, never lose track of another voucher

Upload Receipt In App

Snap and upload receipt in App

Upload receipts for points

Browse As Guest

Reduce Drop Out Rates

Reduce drop out rates with Browse As Guest feature, no Account creation / Login required to start browsing

QR Voucher Redemption

Efficient Redemption

Scan QR Voucher using iPad, MiPad, Tab to redeem a customer voucher in-store

Manage from iPad

Customize everything from your iPad

No complex rules, complicated setups and tech jargon

Complete self-service right from start

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Complete self-service right from sign up

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Cloud Native

Features and Bug Fixes are delivered Live under 10 minutes with our CI/CD lighting deployment system


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SendPerks is Free to Try - New customers receive USD5 Trial Credits during Sign up

No fixed commitment, On-demand, Pay only what you use

Item Price (US)
Every 1,000 Reward views (First 1000 is Free) billed monthly 0.09
Each Transaction / Receipt uploaded by your Member billed monthly 0.03
Each Voucher purchased by your Member billed monthly 0.01
Each Voucher redeemed by your Member billed monthly 0.01
Each Member (First 10 is Free) billed monthly 0.15
Each Staff Account (First 5 is Free) billed monthly 3.00

Pricing last updated Apr 14, 2019. We update / lower our prices to reflect market conditions / cost savings


1. Create a SendPerks Merchant Account (est 1 min)

2. Log in to your Merchant Account (est 1 min)

3. Customize your Membership Card (est 3 mins)

4. Publish your Membership Card Live (est 1 min)

5. Create your first Reward (est 3 mins)

6. Publish your Reward Live (est 1 min)

7. Download SendPerks App from Google Play or App Store

8. In SendPerks App, Search for your Membership Card, see your newly created Reward!


Download from Google Play


Download from App Store

No, you do not need to host the App. The App is available for download from Google Play for Android Devices and App Store for iOS Devices

You only need to create your Membership Card and Rewards on the Merchant Console

No, there is no monthly fee or setup fee, we only charge you for what you use

We use Credits billing, you top up Credits to your account with your Preferred Debit, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX and we deduct your usage from your credit

1. Go to the Merchant Console

2. Create an Merchant account

3. Create a Reward by uploading a picture of the Reward, give it a catchy name, decide how many points it is for

4. Publish the Reward live to your customers

Absolutely not

SendPerks strives to provide Membership Card and Rewards Wallet as a SaaS (Software as a Service) to Merchants like you to help you quickly launch your own Membership Card and Rewards Program to your customers without needing to worry about creating Mobile Apps, Admin Portal, Servers, Hosting and Tech stacks

We do not interfere with your Marketing, Rewards and Membership program and what you may choose to launch to your customers. We strictly do not re-market or advertise your intellectual properties

We do have a Acceptable Use Policy to bound the contents that you may use on our service

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Built with the same technology trusted by Fortune 500 Corporations and Banks

SendPerks is a product of Software Development Company deeply rooted in Lean Software Practices (CI-CD Pipeline, Trello), Sound Technology Choices (Spring, EmberJS, DynamoDB), Cloud Platform (Docker, Amazon Web Services), Digital Capabilities (API First, Event Based, Platform-as-code) and People (Communication, Respect, Experience, Trust). We are Developer-First, Fully API-Driven from start in our Business Processes from New Customer Procurement to Billing and Settlement. Being Lean, Fast, Built-for-Scale and Cost Effectiveness are in the DNA of every piece of Software Capability we aim deliver to our Customers

EmberJS                SpringBoot                Crnk
AWS Dyanmodb GitLab Docker Tomcat Apache Java